Tourism Saskatoon

About Us

We are passionate about Saskatoon, and ensuring every visitor departs with great memories of our beautiful city. Tourism Saskatoon is a membership based non-profit organization. We provide Visitor Services, and Marketing and Membership Services for the city. Our business services include convention planning, bid preparation and group tours, brochures, accommodation information, road maps, etc. on Saskatoon and Saskatchewan. City souvenirs may also be purchased at both the downtown location and the seasonal visitor centre at Avenue C and 47th Street.

Tourism Saskatoon Board of Directors


Saskatoon is a top of mind Canadian tourism destination.


We are Greater Saskatoon’s destination management organization, expanding our economy through tourism.


To maintain our role as the Greater Saskatoon Area‘s primary tourism marketing agency and champion of the city brand.

To be the main provider of information on Saskatoon as a destination.

To be the catalyst and facilitator for the growth of our tourism industry.

To provide development opportunities for our members.


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