Dating Etiquette

There are many common mistakes that a woman generally makes when on a date. There are some women who generally place all men under a single category and judge them accordingly. This indeed is not the right approach and when you are dating a male the sole factor that you should remember is that he is a person to spend quality time with. If you are optimistic with males you have the tendency of that positive outlook being reflected on your face. This optimistic attitude will also reflect in your conversation and you can make your date a memorable one not only for yourself but for him too.

When you are on a date it is very important for you to smile as that will make you feel relaxed and him comfortable. You should refrain from making public statements in the presence of your man as this may come across as male bashing at times. You should also, as mentioned above, remain positive, not only towards your date, but also during the entire conversation. Remember you must behave like a lady and exercise a certain degree of self control when you are in a public place and in the company of the man you are interested in.

When you are dating a man you do not need to be raunchy unless both of you are interested in a one night stand. Men like to observe a certain kind of sweetness in women and this is the reason why you should put on your best manners and etiquette. You should be graceful and not aggressive or too critical of your date. You should be spontaneous and go with the flow in instead of making unfair assumptions. You should also refrain from inappropriate topics and you should not expect him to cuddle you up on the first date itself as the time for that has not arrived.

When you are on a date you should not be afraid to give or receive compliments. Do not be shy and go ahead and tell your date what you see positive in him. Be polite and do not forget to say “please” and “thank you.” You should have a sense of balance and at the same time be very calm and composed even if there are small mishaps like the waiter spilling something on your dress or the car not starting. Take everything in your stride and do not over react if something goes wrong. The right attitude is all you need for a date and you must do it to make your date a success!


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