Grooming and Style for women

How to Dress-up a Daytime Outfit (Women)


Step 1:

The easiest way to make a big change from day to night is to swap individual garments instead of your entire outfit. Maybe just switch into a more elegant top or change from jeans into a skirt. It will make a big statement by altering the overall look, giving the impression that it’s an entirely new outfit (even if everything else is the same).

Step 2:

If you need to make a change from day to night without altering any of the main garments of your outfit, add new shoes! Flashy high-heels are very sexy and are attention grabbing so they will change the whole make-up of your outfit. And it takes 30 seconds to change your shoes so you can do this on the go!

Step 3:

Jazz up your jewelry. Change from toned-down day/work jewelry to something that makes more of a statement. This doesn’t necessarily mean BIGGER jewelry, just something bold that really stands out like a beautiful necklace, flashy earrings or a bright cocktail ring.

Find pieces of jewelry that accent your daytime outfit but dress it up more as well. Combined with a few other changes (shoes, bag) it will become a whole new look! (This is great if you’re hurrying to dinner, but don’t have time to change.)

Step 4:

Swap your day bag, which most women fit EVERYTHING into, for a smaller clutch at night. The big bag is very functional for the day, but it’s also frumpy and heavy looking. Whether you are headed out for dinner, to a show or for drinks with your friends at night, you won’t need much more than some cash, cards, touch-up makeup and your phone. You will look more elegant with a smaller bag, it will dress up your outfit and believe me, you DON’T need the big bag!

Step 5:

Change your hair or freshen up your makeup. The point is to freshen up your day look for night, quickly and efficiently. After a long, busy day you need to wake up more than just your clothing. Touch-up your makeup and maybe put your hair up (or take it down). That small change will give you more confidence and make you feel more prepared for your evening, even with just small accents brightening your wardrobe.

Step 6:

Regardless of what you are wearing, your personality will stand out the most and will be what you want to be remembered for, rather than your clothing. So be confident. Wear what makes you feel comfortable and fabulous. Use these steps to quickly update your day look and make it more dressy, and then feel good about it. You look great.


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