What is Social Network and Online Dating?

Online dating is like any other dating and online dating and social networking are the two biggest online activities there are to do when rummaging around on the computer. However because people must use a computer and get online to online date, it can catch a great many people off guard and what many singles do not realize is that online dating is social networking-just with a different goal in mind. Learning this fact can make a great many singles more receptive to online dating.

How? Let’s take a look…

The Non Tech Savvy Single

Most singles out there do not know the first thing about online dating, especially if they do not hunch over computers all day long at work. This is because those same people that do not use computers as part of their daily work lives do not know anything about social networking. Because social networking and online dating are pretty much the same thing, the people who do not use these networks will not join an online dating network either.

It is a simple fact that these people also do not like to socialize much in their lives, but then are disappointed because they cannot or will not meet anyone they can date. However, those who do hunch over their computers all day know the ins and outs of socializing online, which is all online dating really is and they do manage to get to the most dates or messages from people wanting to meet them.

You see, the way people go about online dating is just as important as the preparations we make to profiles, such as the photos we put up or the personal information about ourselves we write… Then if a single person wanting to find someone doesn’t know about the social networking aspect of online dating-or in general-they will not have the ability to get their profiles together in an organized and traffic getting way.

How to Help

So what is the solution to help these would be online daters who know nothing about social networking? Help them understand! Teach them how to be a social networking butterfly then watch them watch the invitations roll in. If all of us who have friends who hate to use computers and we grab just one of them and teach them to social network, even just the basics, then we have done our part to help.

All the people who have almost no social skills when it comes to “talking” online will learn to love this type of socializing. This in turn helps them to understand the online world and they will see how much there is for them out here. They will see that online socializing and online dating is nothing to fear.

Come on Already!

So what are you waiting for? Go get that friend, introduce them to Facebook or Tagged and get them involved. You will be glad you did as soon as you see how it helps your friend learn that the social networking ins and outs are a great way to meet new people. You will also be glad when your friend thanks you for opening her up to some of the best socializing the web has to offer, not to mention for the date she just got!


~JC Torpey



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