10 Commandments of Dating for Men

1) Thou shall have a purpose in life that is BEYOND women

A man is about his purpose. A woman is about her love. This is the natural order of things. A player is doing it backwards. He’s a tool. You get tested by women because the women senses you don’t have a purpose. The purpose could be to work out more, improve your health, be more social, or it could be something life changing. From mini-purposes to big purposes, they are all important in defining the man. Purpose and direction is the masculine energy that draws and attracts the feminine energy of love and emotion. Women are more than happy to support your cause in life, as long as you have one. As a man, there’s always another mountain to climb. There’s always something to accomplish. The only time you are at peace is when you are 6 feet under in your grave. The curse of the man is that he is never complete. You know that you are complete when you are no longer alive, because the Soul no longer has a reason to be in the body. The Soul is ready to move on. But while the Soul is still in the body, there is always a higher PURPOSE.

2) Thou shall not have a sexual agenda

This is why guys have social anxiety and come off creepy. Make it a goal to go out and meet and connect with women. If you are a cool guy, you will get laid anyway. Having a sexual agenda puts too much pressure on you and makes women feel uncomfortable. Having a sexual agenda is the most effective way to increase your approach anxiety. Just relax and socialize. Women can smell your pimp ego. It turns them off. You’re supposed to be turned on by a woman as you are getting to know her, discovering what is particularly sexy about her, not turned on as soon as you leave the house. Respect yourself and qualify women for things other than her looks. Ever woke up next to a woman without make-up and freak out? Yeah. All women women wear make-up. They know they are not goddesses. Be real and reward women for unique qualities and you will come across more cool and attractive.

3) Thou shall always focus on the fun

Have a pickup line? Is it fun? If not, throw it away. Charm is treating women like little girls. See the little girl in every woman. Bring it out of her. Attraction is all about age regression. Forget about facts. Facts are boring. Save them for later. When a woman asks you a question, look at it as an opportunity to banter with her. Girl: “Where are you from?” You: “Pluto. We used to be a planet but not anymore. I feel discriminated against by you earthlings”. Girl: “Sorry”. You: “Since you’re cute, I’ll accept your apology”.

4) Thou shall learn to enjoy women’s tests

Women will never stop testing you. This is because women get pleasure when you conquer their tests. The word “test” needs to be reframed. It is not really a test. It is an opportunity to give her pleasure. She sees potential in you. She wants to feel your masculine strength. So she raps her wild feminine energy around you. Putting you in a choke hold, seeing if you would crumble or dominate her and give her pleasure. Getting shit tested is a privilege. When encountering a feisty woman, don’t retreat into your head. Hold eye contact, Give her a sly smile. Stay fully present. Presence is the masculine. It is your sword that you fight with. Absolute presence is true love. She wants to feel your love. Give it to her. It is your gift to her. Your full masculine presence. When she acts like a brat, pick her up and spin her around. Don’t let her escape. The more mad she is at you, the more playful you become. This is when the yin and yang energies unite and become one. The both of you become whole when she tests you and you penetrate her with your consciousness. Your light is what she is after. Shine the light upon the darkness. Don’t tell the darkness to go handle it’s own problems. She doesn’t have a problem. It’s just how the feminine is. They like to play feisty…..And sometimes it stings a little bit. It’s not fun if it’s not ruff. Like Lady Gaga, women want your bad romance. A woman is a direct incarnation of the Divine Goddess. She will chop your head off if you’re not a Divine God. A strong woman brings out the best in you. It is her duty to test you.

5) Thou shall always choose action

Women are the queens of communication. They calibrate themselves at an early age. Men are the kings of action. When you constantly talk to a hot girl, you start to develop feelings for her. When a hot girl is constantly doing action things with you, she starts to have feelings for YOU. Action is a masculine thing. It is the polarity that attracts females. Take her on action dates! Starbucks? What am I, your male girlfriend?!?! What are we going to talk about? Boys? Gillmore girls? No! Adventure!! Whenever you have a choice between communication or action, always yield to action. Women want to be swept off their feet.

6) Thou shall always improve thyself (rites of passage)

You either go forward or backwards. Develop positive momentum. Hit the gym. Read a book. Plant a tree, Save the environment. Months from now your friends will look the same. But you’ve changed. There is something different about you. You appear more muscular. More manly. It’s almost as if you went through some sort of rites of passage. Women who ignored you before suddenly take second looks. You’re able to attract women simply by showing up. You find your reliance on “game” to be decreasing. You are slowly becoming a good catch. A year from now you become a GREAT catch. Two years from now you wonder why you ever bothered learning game in the first place.

7) Thou shall acknowledge the magic

When there is chemistry between you and the girl, acknowledge it! Sex is the elephant in the room you should not talk about. Sex is something that naturally happens between two adults who are attracting to each other and enjoying each others company. But chemistry IS something you can talk about. Women are conditioned to avoid having sex but they are not conditioned to avoid chemistry. In fact, chemistry plays right into woman’s social conditioning! So make it work for you. Acknowledge the magic. It’s real. There is a certain energy that permeates a man and a woman when attraction is in the air. Chemistry is magic naturally unfolding.

8) Thou shall always escalate on windows

Women have a radar for men of experience. Some women are forgiving when you don’t escalate. Some women have no patience. She’ll categorize you as a chump. Being a chump is the worse of all categorizations. It’s a masculine failure. This is the one time where she is dismissing you because you didn’t act on your penis. Ouch! Windows are pretty easy to detect. The more you go out, the more you will calibrate. I’ve had guys tell me they don’t recognize windows. I call out their BS. I tell them they picked up the windows intuitively in the gut but were too afraid to escalate. They always admit I’m right. When it comes to windows of opportunities, throw away your pickup lines. Trust your gut. And go for it. Escalation is a timing thing. If your timing is down, you don’t need to be super smooth. Read her body language, pick up on her subtle cues that she is attracted and escalate. Windows don’t remain open forever. When they close they may never open again.

9) Thou shall not qualify thyself

You don’t need anyone’s approval. Have you ever had a conversation with someone who’s bragging and qualifying himself to you and you’re thinking “God…please stop it..I get it..you’re a big pimp…want a cookie?” This is how people feel when you qualify yourself. It is annoying. It is a repellent. But we all do it from time to time. God created you therefore He must have confidence in you. That’s all the validation you need. Now when you disqualify yourself – when you show your human and humble side, people can relate to you. They like you more. No one is perfect. If someone dislikes you for not being perfect, it’s their problem.

10) Thou shall always lead

You are the prime mover. When on a date, you have to take her on a magical carpet ride. Take her to places that reflects who you are. If you are an adventurous guy, take her on an adventurous date. When she gives you a counter-offer, act visibly upset. Be in the leading frame so strongly that you communicate that you never even consider that she would give a counter-offer. The masculine is direction. She cannot fully rest in the feminine and just be herself if you don’t provide direction. She doesn’t trust you if you are murky and beat around the bush. A feminine woman just wants to let go and let you take care of the details. She wants to rest her head on the car seat while the wind blows her hair as you drive. She doesn’t care where you take her, as long as you’re the driver. If you violate these commandments, you will suffer the wrath of the Divine Goddess.


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