Law of Attraction: “The Secret”


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The Secret Behind “The Secret” –

“The Secret” is a superb introduction to the Law of Attraction, it’s the tip of an absolutely outstandingly wonderful iceberg which serves as a great starting point to introduce people to The Law of Attraction, it is also the beginning of many peoples journey of awakening. I get SO excited on a daily basis to see, sense and feel so many people waking up, you can just feel the Vibes all over the world … How Amazing!

It was “the Secret” which led me, and I feel many others to living a much more enlightened life here on earth today, here and now in this moment. Yes we are all co-creating our own individual lives, but our energies are drawing together through this.

“The Secret” highlighted some of the teachings which were written many many years ago, people will only hear what they want to hear when they are ready to hear it. So we were ready and out popped “the Secret”. Perfect. Right message at the right time for many.

When we are ready to hear we ask for more and more (and then more and more and more, it’s just natural…. It’s cool… It’s co-creation at its best….

So since “the Secret” popped the tip of the iceberg above water and shared a little sprinkling of Law of Attraction, peoples ears perked up. I know mine did!

We are ready, to be honest, I feel we were born ready but thats another story … Anyhow, here we are today sending out rockets of desire for more and more and more and more and what do you think is happening? We are getting it! The Universe is orchestrating ways for us to easily pick up all the information we require when we are putting the right intentions out there.

Do you feel pumped up knowing that so many positive vibes are right at your fingertips?

 If you want to know more,  you will be sent just what you need at the perfect moment, a book, a dvd, a youtube video (maybe by me.. hee hee ) a coach, a mentor, a community, a seminar….

When it comes to the Law of Attraction, the positive vibes and Living a Life of Absolute joy there really is SO much out there for you!

Remember to share the Love and spread these vibes !

The universe is responding purely to the desire that you have right now….. Congratulations, you’ve manifested this!

It’s All About How You Feel!

We are here to enjoy life. Life should be easy. When you get into the Positive way of life … life does the work for you ♥

Sometimes we can slip back into “old ways” and jump out of bed on a morning ready to get busy with it. Sometimes we think taking loads of action will help us move towards our desires. Sometimes we slip and it’s just as easy to jump back in.

Although you’ve always been surrounded by the evidence of the Law of Attraction, a conscious awareness of this powerful law will be activated within you and your deliberate control of your experiences will be dramatically enhanced.

You know you are meant to live a joyful life; and you also know that conscious, deliberate self-empowerment is essential to being and able to live such a life.

Ask, Believe, Receive….. The  universe will provide …. all Your Dreams and Desires can be your reality with the Law of Attraction. It’s true!

It really is! Let me share one of the key factors which sometimes gets forgotten in amongst all the Thinking, Visualizing and Affirming….

The Law of Attraction – thats right – action! This magic word which will change the way you play with the universe  allowing the Law of Attraction to be the action in your life.

Important point to remember here. The Action you take should be inspired. The kind of action you are looking to take is the kind which bubbles in the pit of your stomach. Its the kind of action you really really want to take! – you feel inspired to take it. There is something deep within just pushing you to go for it. Yes there may be a little fear mixed in with the excitement – especially if the action you are looking to take is connected with your lifelong dreams and desires. Your soul purpose. This is important action. Action you just have to take so of course there will be a sense of importance, I bet you can feel it bubbling up inside you right now

If you are starting to get an uncomfortable feeling, maybe a little unsettled or out of alignment then maybe this is because you aren’t taking the necessary action to move towards your desires. Take a moment to think about all the magical things you want to manifest in your life….

Now think about the inspired action you are taking surrounding said desires….. How do you feel?

Remember – Like attracts like

… Simple.

No Action – No Law of Attraction!

One thing to keep in mind here, action without the inspiration, eg. action taken to try and make something happen will just give you more trying. Hence being in-spired (in-spirit), its the inspired action which opens the magical doors to your dreams in life. I have taken both forms of action in my life and have even found myself saying well I did the same kind of action and got different results?? The only difference I could find was the way I was “feeling” when I was taken said actions. When I feel inspired, alive, on fire with passion and flare then my actions reflect this, guess what – so do my results. The reverse = the reverse – lack luster, got to do, need to do, forced action = no results. Simple!

What are your dreams and desires? What can you do to open some doors and start to move towards them?

We REALLY Are All Connected

I have also been talking about being connected and the Law of Divine Oneness recently so this synchronicity and Law of Attraction ties in wonderfully!

Let me share with you, this one left me tingling with the goosebumps, proving that we really are all connected. Maybe in Cyberspace to start with but this can lead to many interesting doors opening in your life.

That is, when we choose to open the doors to connection and say yes to life, of course!

It’s in moments like this when I know like I know that the universe orchestrates everything in our lives dependant upon what we are thinking about, how we are feeling, where are thoughts and vibrations are directed. What we are doing, what inspired action we are taking….

It’s in moments like this that we may get a glimpse into our future, a nudge that we are heading in the right direction. A  fuzzy, excited, yes this is it, this is what lifes all about.

It’s when we get connected and keep connecting that we flow.

I am so grateful I chose to throw off those old shackles of not wanting to be “out there” online. I am very grateful I chose to put myself “out there” (wherever there is….).

Just being me, leading by my example, playing with the universe proving the law of attraction in action is all around and that anything is possible.

It’s when we do this that we open many doors in our lives, making it much easier for the universe to open the doors to our dreams and desires.

I hope this inspires you to get connected and get connecting. Cyberspace makes it SO easy to connect with SO many people from all over the world, the world really IS your oyster!

We create everything in our lives…. It’s Law. The Law of Attraction in Action!

Believe it! The more you believe the more you see …

Most people start by learning the basics of The Law of Attraction then move onto wanting to know more and more. This helps us move forward in life, to evolve here on earth.

The Law of Attraction is also known as the Law of Love. How beautiful is that!

When you come from a place of love and live life from your heart the Law of Attraction works naturally with ease.

Do what you love, live life from your heart and soul and express loving energy to those around you and just watch the magic happen!

“The speed at which Law of Attraction will manifest my desire is in direct proportion to how much I am allowing. Allowing is the absence of doubt.”

How do even just saying this make you feel? Personally it makes me breathe a sigh of relief. Ahhh, so thats why certain things haven’t manifested into the reality of my life.”

How about you? Do you really believe some of the things you desire will show up? How much doubt do you have running through your mind when it comes to attracting your dreams?

To allow the universe to supply you the things you desire you have to be in a state of allowing. Some people look at this as being in the flow. To be in flow and allow the things you desire to show up you want to be coming from a place of knowing and also believing it will come into your life.

This is where many people get stuck. Beliving the things you want will show up. Belief, faith, certainty, a sense of knowing.

It’s the doubter within us which cancels out the belief we may have. How do we over-ride the doubter? The best way to remove doubt is to find proof.

Allowing is the absence of doubt. Believing is the absence of doubt. Faith is the absence of doubt.

When you can start to prove that Law of Attraction works, when you can look at proof and evidence showing up in your life you can start to quiet down your inner doubter.

I recommend keeping a log of evidence and proof, a little book you can carry around with you. The more evidence shows up, the more matches you get, the more you will build up your inner belief. As things show up, even if they are only small things to start with, celebrate these wins, celebrate the law of attraction in action and the closeness of the matches happening. The more you do this the more things Law of Attraction will send you to match up with your desires.

This is something which starts small and grows, your inner belief and strength will grow. As this happens your inner doubter will start to shrink, the voice will get quieter the stronger you become.

The stronger you become the easier your desires will flow in, you will be in a state of allowing in flow, knowing these things will arrive the more you believe Law of Attraction works. The more you allow it to work for you.


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