How to Start Dating in Your 50’s

Whether you’re recently divorced, widowed or recovering from a breakup, or even if you’ve never dated before, dating in your 50’s can be a scary prospect. But plenty of other baby boomers are looking for love, so if you know where to look and what to do, you should succeed in finding your special someone.


1. Meet People


Join a club or organization, or take part in a volunteer project. You’ll meet people with interests like yours.


Tell your friends that you’re looking to meet someone. Ask them to keep you in mind if they know someone who’s available and might be a good match for you.


Check your town’s Craigslist. The community activities category often has listings for people looking for racquetball partners, hiking partners or for new friends to join them in other kinds of leisure-time activities.


Sign up for an online dating service, like

2. Let the Dating Begin 


Get to know a potential date through emails and phone calls before meeting in person, if you’re working with an online dating service and find someone you’re interested in.


Arrange your first meeting to take place during the daytime, and agree that you will arrive separately at your meeting place.


Propose a second date, if the first meeting goes well. Find an activity, place and time that works for both of you.


Keep looking, if your first date doesn’t work out.

Tips & Warnings

· Take it slow, and hold off on revealing everything about your past all at once.

· Arrange your first meeting to take place in a public setting.

· Wait to bring a date home until you have gotten to know each other a bit.

· If the relationship becomes physical, don’t forget to use protection. While the possibility of pregnancy may no longer be there, HIV is still a potential threat.


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