Men: Keep your Ego at Bay on First Date

Some men think that bragging to a women about their accomplishments and financial situation is a sure way to impress the ladies … well, they’re wrong – especially when it comes to first dates and first impressions.

Do you make a six figure income? Do you have a yacht waiting for you on a dock, or a luxury car in your driveway? Maybe you graduated from Harvard. Well, good for you! but keep these things to yourself on a first date. Don’t go bragging to the women you are with or she will smell something fishy straight away.

Why don’t women like men who brag on first dates?

It’s simple … men who brag about their possessions or accomplishments come off as insecure, self-centered people with inflated egos. Is that the first impression you want to make? Didn’t think so.

There is a time and place for “bragging” and if you get past the first date, then you can start working in some of your accomplishments to help establish yourself as an authority. But for now, just remember – first dates and first impressions mean a lot to a women, so keep them clean. No one wants to come across as an egotistical self-centered man now do they?

Instead of impressing the women your dating with your accomplishments, impress her with your communication skills, your manners, and your character and charisma.

Good luck and GOD speed!


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