Self Esteem: test

Self Esteem Test

This self esteem test is quick and simple, answer TRUE or FALSE to each question (if you cannot answer 100% TRUE then answer FALSE – check below how to score):

This self esteem test has been written by me, Karl Perera, author of if you want to use it you can providing you credit me as author and give your source as this website.

1.  Other people are not better off or more fortunate than me 2.  I accept myself as I am and am happy with myself

3.  I enjoy socializing

4.  I deserve love and respect

5.  I feel valued and needed

6. I don’t need others to tell me I have done a good job

7. Being myself is important

8. I make friends easily

9. I can accept criticism without feeling put down

10. I admit my mistakes openly

11. I never hide my true feelings

12. I always speak up for myself and put my views across

13. I am a happy, carefree person

14. I don’t worry what others think of my views

15. I don’t need others’ approval to feel good

16. I don’t feel guilty about doing or saying what I want

TEST SCORE: Total number of TRUE answers you gave, EACH ONE POINT:

15-16 Points – You have a high level of self esteem!

12-14 Points – Not bad but room for you to improve

8-11   Points – Low self esteem is holding you back

Below 8 Points – Your esteem is drastically low!

If you scored low what next? Visit these pages for more help:

How can I improve my self esteem? or How can I improve my self confidence?

Explore this website


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