Why do men Complain so much about Women being Gold Diggers and not Good Women?

The women outnumber men 2 to 1. Men have choices! It’s your fault you continuously choose the wrong women. Take some responsibility and stop being so bitter. Learn to decipher a womans actions instead of her words. There are lots of good women out here.

First things first. Do you even know what’s a good woman for you? Your friend may have a great wife, but she might not be a great wife for you. Women have a habit of going with their heart. Men go with whatever sweet things a woman whispers in his ear. When a woman truly loves a man she shows it in her actions.

You can see her eyes light up when you enter the house. She may curse you out when you hurt her but she may turn around and cook you a nice dinner the same day. You say all women are gold diggers. I say that no matter what traits a woman says she wants in a man she will still, more than likely fall for love. Women don’t really expect you to be perfect or have everything together. Actually most women don’t mind helping you reach greatness.

Unfortunately most have helped the wrong men. So she might come off a bit like a gold digger wanting you to have it all together. This only means that you will have to invest more time in getting her to trust you and allow her feelings to grow stronger for you.

Why do you think so many women have no good men? It’s not always low self esteem. Often times it’s just plain old love. If you are a lawyer and you want a stay at home wife, you can’t date the lady who wants to be a teacher. That’s not going to make you happy. If you are a drug dealer you can’t date the lady that wants to be a DEA officer. More than likely she is going to want you to stop selling drugs.

If you are a abusive, no good man who cheats all the time, you are probably going to end up having problems out of that beautiful, educated lady with high self esteem. It’s only going to be so long before she gets sick and tired of you and stops being a good woman to you. It’s best that you get a woman with low self esteem, if you know you have no intentions of being a good mate.

If you want to be rich and your girlfriend is ok with being average, then she may not be supportive of all your hard work and hours spent away from her working on your career. If you want kids and your woman doesn’t then more than likely this will cause problems in the long run. Some of you men choose women by how phat her booty is, how pretty she is, or how good her credit is. None of those traits make a woman good for you.

Some men even choose women on the count of her NOT being highly attractive. You assume that she will be a better woman to you because she isn’t highly sought after. Some men.. You just have it all wrong. Yes, you have to be attracted to a person, but it’s really what’s on their insides that’s going to help enhance your life. Common interests, common goals. Balance is what it’s all about.

Your biggest problem should not be finding a good woman, but finding a woman that you connect with. A woman that you adore that also adores you back. Women have to be chased and after a while if she is truly into you she will show some signs of liking the chase. If you’ve been chasing a woman for 8 months and she is still not giving you the time of day and making you as an important person in her life, then you have to move on.

Some men, you judge what’s a good woman on how long she takes to have sex with you. Just because she held out for 4 months with you while she was sexing someone else doesn’t make her a good woman. A good woman is a woman that is going to make life easier for you. She is going to give you joy and inspiration. She is not going to talk down to you in a negative manner for no reason. She will treat you as what you could become instead of what you currently are. That is the trait of a good woman.

Ask women how many of them have done that for a man that was pretty much a loser or didn’t appreciate her. I’m sure more than a few will take claim to this. Relationships are all about compatibility and balance. You don’t both have to be on the same level.  Just on the same page…. Common goals/goals in common/commonality…

What woman really wants to be the woman sitting at home crying while her rich husband is out cheating with whatever groupie he met? What woman wants to be abused and unable to leave because she has no money. All of that will only take a toll on a woman’s self esteem.

All most women want is a good man. A man that will be good to them. A man they will be able to trust. Someone who will put them first and not just say love but walk in love and be a good loving man. Yeah she might want you to buy her nice things sometimes, but that doesn’t make her a gold digger. You call women gold diggers but ask the playboy why he has so many good women chasing him. He’s probably sexing her right. He’s probably saying all the right things to her. He’s probably always dressed well when he see’s her. He probably comes off as very exciting.

Men need to learn to pick up some of the good traits of bad men. If you are a good man and you are displaying the right characteristics you will always win. Good men don’t finish last. Good, boring men finish last.. Even when you find a good woman she must love and adore you. Rather it’s a man or a woman it is quite difficult to continuously be a good and supportive mate to a person that you are not in love with. Love is the common connection that makes life beautiful. It is what makes a person look out for your best interest. It is the thing that makes your mate want to see you smiling and happy.

How is a woman’s big booty going to make her a good mate for you? How is that going to help you reach your goals?  How does her having a good credit score mean she will be a good mate for you? Like is her credit going to make you orgasm every night? Pretty faces don’t matter. Nothing really matters other then what that person is going to do in order to assist you in your happiness.

Ask yourself if you are looking for a loving wife or just looking for a good friend. You can have both but in order to do so you have to understand what’s really important to you. Some people may come to realize that they are really not looking for love. Just a companion…..

If a good mate is what desire, you may have to give up some of those superficial traits that you like. You may realize those desired traits don’t really assist in your overall, longterm happiness.

THERE IS A ABUNDANCE OF GOOD WOMEN. Good People in general are bountiful. What’s not abundantly found is a good person that is also a good life mate for  YOU.  If you understand this there is no reason to choose horrible mates anymore. Slow down and pay more attention.

If you once again choose a bad woman blame yourself. I personally think men who are complaining need to try a little harder in attaining the woman they desire and let those fears go. Stop being just as materialistic and using material to choose a mate. Choose substance first. More importantly stop thinking that you can’t get her.  If she is a good woman it’s going to take work. Don’t be afraid of hard work. Hard work gets rewarded.

Read more: http://www.askkissy.com/2011/07/08/why-do-men-complain-about-the-bad-women-that-they-pick/#ixzz1cQkQ2mNr


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