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Grooming and Style for men

Clothes make the man. This mantra has been drilled into your head time and time again, but many of you out there are still not listening. When it comes to fashion know-how, most men are:

1) too cheap

2) too clueless

3) simply don’t care

(these are the men whose mommies laid their clothes out for them).

You can no longer continue walking around looking like a mess, so for some help we have some tips on how to get your wardrobe in shape so you can start stepping out with style.

 Here is a compelling case on the importance of a well-dressed man:

“I think that women recognize a man who dresses well – they can pick that guy out of the crowd. He’s not necessarily dressed expensively or crazily, he’s a guy who’s dressed well and looks neat. If a man cares about the way he looks, it is obvious to other people that he’s got something going on for himself and that he will probably be a better date.”

In other words, man + good wardrobe = dates with women! Got your attention now? Thought so.

And if you’re lucky enough to have a business casual dress policy at work, many of our tips can be applied to your office wardrobe as well. (By the way, if you’re in the market for a suit, you must check out “SYW Buy a Men’s Suit?”)

By the way, this article is for beginners who want some simple secrets for building a basic wardrobe and improving their general appearance-it’s not meant to turn you into a trendy hipster overnight. So you’ll find no references to long fur coats, shiny shirts, or updated cowboy hats.

1. Groom Yourself

Your body is a temple that deserves to be worshipped. But first, it’s time for a spiritual awakening. Before you even begin to think about revamping your wardrobe, you first have to perform some basic grooming. Yes, we know you bathe on a daily basis and wear (relatively) clean clothes, but the following items are notoriously (and wrongly) ignored by men:




moustache or beard



Think waxing and plucking is just for women? Not true. There are many men out there who suffer from the infamous unibrow – when two eyebrows appear as one because of a continuous bridge of hair. If this sounds a little too familiar, then it’s time for you to tame those babies.

There are two ways to alleviate this problem:

Go to a professional salon (or a Hair & Esthetics College for better pricing) and have them wax and shape your eyebrows. It will cost around $10-$15. After you get your eyebrows initially waxed, you can maintain them at home by plucking the hairs as they grow back with a pair of tweezers. WE RECOMMEND THIS METHOD! If you accidentally go tweezer-crazy, who knows what kind of damage you may inflict?

Wax them at home. This method is a little risky, and you will need a trusted friend to help you (and we do stress trusted). But at home waxing can be done. We recommend watching an at home waxing video for step-by-step instructions on how to wax your eyebrows yourself.

Pluck ’em yourself. We don’t advocate this method, but if you refuse to cough up the $10 or are afraid of salons, it’s better than nothing. Just be sure to pluck the middle (that is, any hairs growing on your nose bridge).

Whatever you do, you must not-we repeat, MUST NOT-shave your eyebrows. Not only will the hair grow back faster and thicker, it will also be pretty obvious that you took a razor to ’em. Plucking is the only way to go.


People notice your hands-they are a part of how you express yourself when you are communicating, so you need to take care of them. So here’s how to make your nails look nice:

If you are a nail biter, stop immediately. There is nothing grosser than a pair of gnarled, ragged fingernails that have been chewed down to the knuckle.

On the other hand (pun alert), long fingernails on men are equally disturbing. So it’s important to keep them short enough so that you don’t hurt people during handshakes.

Get a professional manicure (more manly than you think!) or invest in a pair of fingernail clippers and a fingernail file and do it yourself at home. Pay attention to cuticles and hangnails.

Toenails are also important. Whether the ladies are seeing your feet on the beach or in bed, nasty toenails are a complete turnoff. Keep them trimmed and keep them clean.


Basically, hair is easy: don’t be afraid to get haircuts, and make sure you comb it before you leave your home.

Most men don’t get haircuts frequently enough, which contributes to an overall sloppy look. So after you get one, ask your cutter when you should come in next, and make an appointment. (Our recommendation is once every five weeks.) If you like the unkempt rock star look, keep the length to a minimum and make sure your hair isn’t greasy. At the other extreme, the crew cut military look is no good (unless, of course, you are in the military).

For men who use styling products in their hair, they are often fall victim to SFS, or Shiny Forehead Syndrome. This is when the styling product you are using in your hair gets all over your forehead leaving a shiny film. The solution is simple. Wash your forehead after you are finished styling your hair.


In the wild, animals are able to identify others by scent. But they also smell each other’s asses to sniff said scent. The moral: be careful when selecting and applying cologne. Here are our tips:

You should never wear a brand of cologne that you can buy in a gas station or drugstore (translation: cheap cologne).

Go to a department store and get a quality brand.

Ask your sisters and chick friends to recommend one. They would know best.

Don’t rely on what smells good on a friend; different colognes smell different on different people. So test a small amount on your forearm, give it a minute to seep in, and then smell it.

You shouldn’t mix one brand of antiperspirant or aftershave with another brand of cologne. You’ll smell like a mess.

The most common error: don’t pour too much of it on. You don’t want your scent to arrive in a room before you do. And neither do we.

2. Clean Out Your Closet

You’ve graduated from college. You’re out in the real world now and it’s time to trade in your T-shirts and Tevas for a sophisticated, stylish, adult wardrobe. Yes, we know it’s hard to let go of that worn-out flannel shirt you wore during finals in school, but what looked good in 1993 just doesn’t cut it now, Cobain.

If you have a friend (male or female) who is fashion capable, have him/her help you go through your closet and toss out anything that is outdated and/or objectionable. Of course you can keep that trusty old flannel shirt for sentiment’s sake, but refrain from wearing it out in public.

Just in case you need some additional help, we feel compelled to tell you that the following items in your closet must be burned immediately:

Anything that is neon, stonewashed, or acid-washed.

T-shirts featuring the words “Big Johnson,” “Co-ed Naked,” “Whassup,” or any popular catchphrases.

Tapered-leg high-waisted pants that are heavy on the pleats (Cavariccis, anyone?).

Tie-dyed garments with dancing bears. You’re living in the past, man.

M.C. Hammer pants. You’re living way in the past, man.

A word about fit

One of the biggest fashion mistakes men make is wearing clothes that don’t fit properly. From casual wear to suits, clothes that are too tight or too baggy are big fashion gaffes.

Even if you can bounce a quarter off of your stomach, wearing tight clothing just looks tacky. Some men think that if they wear pants that are too small, it’ll make them look skinnier. Rather, it’s just an effective method of damaging your intestines and gonads. So use the two-finger test: if you can’t easily stick two fingers (sideways) into the waist of your pants, they’re too tight.

Unless you’re an extra in a Puff Daddy video, wearing big, baggy clothes looks sloppy and gives the impression that you don’t care about your appearance. You know your clothes are too baggy when they continually get caught on doorknobs or small children. You should never have to continually hike your pants up throughout the day.

Most retail and department stores and dry cleaners will do alterations, so seek out a professional to make sure you’re buying clothes that fit properly.

And if you don’t already, you should consider subscribing to a men’s fashion magazine such as MAXIM (we plug our gurus). If you don’t want to pay for a year’s subscription, at least grab an issue off the rack at the start of each season just to see what’s new in fashion. Don’t forget to pay for it, she smiles

3. Buy Some Basics

You want to look good from head to toe, but there’s a good chance that you’re on a budget. So we’re going to start you off with a few “must-have” basics to get your wardrobe rolling. Then, as your wallet expands, so can your wardrobe.

Where should you go to buy your fancy new duds? Department stores offer one-stop shopping for those of you who loathe shopping. Trusty retail stores such as Banana Republic and J. Crew are always safe bets (especially if you don’t mind the “preppy” look). If you prefer a hipper look, check out stores such as Club Monaco.

Here’s a big tip on how to save money: Everything at retail stores eventually goes on sale, usually at the end of a season. For example, summer clothes will go on sale in late August. Be careful though. Sales are good for items that are basic staples (e.g., khaki pants, dress shirts, T-shirts), but not for trendier items that were popular at the start of a season but not appropriate to wear the next year.

Once you’ve determined where you want to shop, it’s time to start building your wardrobe with these basic items:




-Accessories (belts, ties, watches, jewelry)


Stan insists that you must own at least one crisp, white, high-quality, cotton shirt-you just can’t go wrong with it. Buy one with a full-fashion collar that you can use with a collar stay and that can be worn with a tie. This way you can wear this shirt to work or out at night. Button-up dress shirts are generally good choices, as long as you buy one that is high-quality and a nice color. And since you’re building the basics, stick with colors like blue and white.

You also can’t go wrong with a high, V-neck sweater made of a quality material. Try Merino wool, or if you’re really in the mood to splurge, cashmere says class and it feels great against the skin. V-neck sweaters look great for dates and dinners, and for casual dress days at work.

Also, be sure to wear a short-sleeve, white T-shirt under your shirts and sweaters. Not only does this protect your tops from sweat and deodorant stains, it makes you look adult-y and fashion-y.


If you’re on a budget, there are three pairs of pants that you must purchase: a pair of dress pants, a pair of khakis and a pair of blue jeans.

-Dress pants.

Most men don’t own dress pants unless they are suit pants, but even if you own suits, you need a separate pair of dress pants. You might be tempted to go for a standard black pair, but navy blue is very modern while still being non-flashy. -“Black is a safe bet.” Exactly. A safe bet, but note that navy says that you might know a little something about style.

If you wear suits to work, go ahead and splurge on a really nice (that is, expensive) pair of dress pants and get them professionally tailored. You will wear them all the time and it will be worth the investment. It’s better to have one nice pair of pants instead of five cheap pair.


For a more casual look, you need to have a nice pair of khaki or light-colored pants. It’s a good idea to have a couple pairs of these pants because you can just wash them and iron them at home (or if you’re particularly lazy, get a pair of wrinkle-free khakis). Then if you’re in a hurry, you will always have a clean pair to toss on.

Blue jeans. When purchasing jeans, Stan suggests buying a nice pair of dark wash jeans with a clean cut and style. Make sure they fit nicely (that is, don’t buy ultra baggy jeans or jeans that aren’t a standard length). Dark jeans will always look good and can be dressed up at night.

A general rule of thumb for any type of pants you purchase is not to buy pants with pleats-stick with flat front pants. They have cleaner lines and just look neater. Also avoid anything fancy, so that your pants can be stretched throughout your wardrobe without anybody noticing. For instance, if you only own one pair of khakis and they are really flashy, people will notice if you wear them all the time. The horror! However, if you buy a standard pair of plain khaki pants, no one will notice if you wear them all the time; they’ll just assume that you have five pairs of khakis.


Whereas women are required to have at least two dozen pairs of shoes, men usually own a measly two pairs: a pair of sneakers for bumming around and a pair of dress shoes for work. But, can you guess what one of the first things a woman notices about a man is? It’s not your charming personality, it’s your shoes.

If you want pointers on buying the perfect pair of sneakers, we’ve got you covered with an entire SYW on the subject.

Buying dress shoes is slightly more complicated. First off, you should be prepared to pay at least $125. Sounds hefty, but remember, quality over quantity. You can wear the best outfit in the world, but if your shoes suck, you might as well be wearing a potato sack.

“There is absolutely no excuse for wearing shoes that are not polished or one where the heel has worn off or the leather looks worn.” He also says, ideally, your shoes will match your belt which will match your briefcase. Nothing looks worse than a brown belt worn with a black pair of shoes and a tan briefcase. Except if all three are covered with hearts and unicorns.

A few dressy-ish options:


If you can only afford to purchase one more pair of shoes, Stan prefers that you go with a black leather boot. We don’t mean a cowboy boot or a pair of Doc Martens; we’re talking about a boot that is an inch or two above your ankle with a nice heel and a conservative, round-capped toe. This way you can wear them both for work and for going out at night.


If you are morally opposed to boots, Stan’s suggested alternative is a pair of nice leather slip-on shoes. These shoes are sort of loafer-ish, and they have a high vamp that covers your socks.


If you prefer shoes that tie, look for a nice pair of leather shoes with a toe that is more square than round. Try to find a pair that is casual enough for khakis, but nice enough for dress pants. Avoid dress shoes with tassels or buckles.

Even if you practice good grooming, most men have unattractive feet. So, in the summer, while you might be tempted to wear sandals, it’s best for men to keep their toes covered at all times unless you live in Rome and carry a shield. For the two men on this planet who have good-looking feet, you are allowed to purchase a nice pair of leather slides if you are dying to flaunt your toes.

-Accessories (belts, ties, watches, jewelry)

While there isn’t a lot of variety in men’s clothing, accessories are an opportunity to individualize your look. Belts, ties, watches and jewelry can sometimes be even more expensive than the suit you are wearing, but you don’t need many of them, and you don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune. Here’s the lowdown on how to put the finishing touches on your outfit:


You need two belts: one for dress pants and one for khakis and jeans (never wear your dress belt with your casual pants or vice versa). Also, your casual belt should be wider than your dress belt.


You can have fun with your tie collection, but keep up with the trends. If skinny ties are in, then take a gulp and go buy a skinny tie for that season-but that season only. Try to avoid cartoon ties or polyester. They’re dorky. And learn to properly tie the thing by watching this video on How to Tie a Tie.


Buy the nicest watch you can afford. If you only buy one watch, buy a simple, classy watch that will match with anything. Avoid bells and whistles. Don’t buy a diving watch or a sports watch, unless you are a diving instructor or an athlete. In that case, buy a second watch.


Aside from wearing a watch and the occasional pair of cufflinks, jewelry should be kept to a minimum. Unless you are married, you shouldn’t wear rings unless it’s a class ring (and even that is questionable). If you wear a chain, keep it simple, and only wear one (or a group of rogue disco dancers may start to boogie around you).

4. Stick With A Look

OK, so you have your basic clothes. So now your job is to find a look that works, stick with it, and milk it for all it’s worth. Stan recommends that the best way to take advantage of your new fashion savvy is to assemble a “uniform.”

This is a foolproof method:

Once you find a style of pants that work for you, buy five pairs. Buy them in colors such as black, navy and khaki that can be easily mixed and matched with a variety of tops.

Once you find a type of shirt and V-neck sweater that looks good on you, buy several of them in different colors.

If you have a business casual dress policy at work, assembling a uniform will make your life much easier in the morning. Plus, a business casual policy means you can stretch that work wardrobe into an evening wardrobe, which should encourage you to splurge a little (since you don’t have to invest thousands of dollars on suits).

But what will people think if you wear the same type of outfit all the time? Consider this: What did Joe Co-worker wear last week? Can’t remember, right? Men are lucky. They can get away with wearing the same suit all week with a different tie and no one will notice. However, you DO remember the yellow suit Jane Co-Worker wore last week and wore again the following Tuesday. The slut. And besides, women won’t care if you have a limited wardrobe; they’re just happy you’re presentable and not drooling on yourself. That comes later.

What NOT to Wear – Personal Grooming Tips

You should always look presentable when you leave your house. This doesn’t mean you have to be dressed to the nines, but do take the time and effort to look presentable. You never know who you might run into – a boss, a client, or potential employer.

Never wear clothing that is torn, frayed, stained, or threadbare. clothing should also fit properly. It should not be too tight, too baggy, too big, too short or too low cut. Also, avoid clothing that is out of style – no matter how good of condition it may be in.

Deodorant Is Essential

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The use of deodorant is essential for good hygiene and personal Your grooming. Apply it daily. For some people, and depending on your activity level, more than once a day.

If you don’t like to apply processed chemicals to your body, health food stores sell natural deodorants. Being green does not give you permission to have body odor. Without the use of a deodorant, you will emit an unpleasant odor from your underarms. Most people find the odor offensive. If you have it frequently, you may find it difficult to socialize with others or hold a job. Nobody wants to share your funky smell.

It’s important for parents to talk to their young teenagers about the use of deodorant. Without a little coaching, teens may not realize when they need to start applying it as their body matures.

Do Not Spritz at the Table

Personal grooming is inappropriate at the table. Do not comb your hair, apply lipstick, file your nails, or, the most recent etiquette I observed, apply perfume.

I was enjoying dinner at a restaurant the other evening when a woman, sitting in the booth behind me, applied perfume from a spray bottle. The odor was so intense I could only taste and smell her perfume for the remainder of my meal. My dining experience was ruined and I left with a headache.

Never apply perfume, body mists, or scented lotions in a public place – especially at a restaurant. In fact, when dining, wear verylittle perfume or none at all so your senses can appreciate the taste and aroma of the food without distraction.

Gentlemen, this rule applies to your cologne and aftershave too.

No Comb-overs Please – Male Grooming

Combing a long piece of hair from one side of your head over to the other side might make you feel more confident about your imageviolation  and the fact you’re losing your hair, but it doesn’t fool anyone and makes you look like you’re insecure about your hair loss.

First of all, balding is not shameful. It’s a normal fact of life. Some very sexy and famous men are/were bald. Think of Telly Savalis, Yul Brynner, Samuel Jackson, Sean Connery, Bruce Willis, and Vin Diesel.

As you begin to lose your hair, find a good hair stylist who can help you make the most of what you’ve got.

Men Need Manicures Too

Gentlemen, manicures are not a grooming process for women only. It’s important for men to have handsome hands. They will be noticed in a professional environment as well as a social or dating environment. Ladies do not find dirty hands or fingernails appealing.Nails should be short and cut to the quick. If you are a nail biter, it’s time to break the habit. Hands, especially the area underneath the nails, should be kept clean.

Find a good manicurist and visit them at least once a month. They will remove or push back unsightly cuticles, trim and shape your nails, and buff the surface of the nail. Some men like a clear coat of polish on their nails to protect the nail and give a well groomed appearance, but this last step is a personal preference only.In between manicures, use tools you can purchase at any drugstore to maintain your nails. These tools may include nail clippers, a file or emery board, an orange stick to push cuticles back, and a nail brush to keep your nails and hands clean.

While you’re taking care of your fingernails, don’t forget to check your toenails. For some women, including yours truly, unsightly toenails are a turnoff.Finally, if you need more incentive to visit a nail salon other than maintaining your nails, you will be surrounded by a bevy of women who will adore you. I can’t think of many other places where there’s such a good male to female ratio and the only thing the men have to do is sit and be pampered.

What Side Should You Wear A Pocket Watch On?A pocket watch should be worn on the opposite side of your dominate hand. You should be able to write with one hand and check the accurate time with the other.

Always Have a Tissue Handy

It’s that time of year again when our noses tend to do more than we consciously ask of them. They run, sneeze, tickle, and clog up. Most annoyingly, they do these things at the most inconvenient times such as when you’re giving a presentation, in an interview, or on a date.

To out smart the foul plays of our noses, I suggest having a tissue available at all times to handle all unsuspecting circumstances. It is most improper to use alternatives to the tissue such as your sleeve, hand, or on-going sniffling.Place a tissue in your pocket before leaving the house. Since ladies don’t always have pockets in their attire, they may want to place a tissue in their handbag or tuck one in the sleeve of their outfit.

You may even want to consider purchasing a small pack of tissues to have in your desk drawer, briefcase, coat pocket or purse. You will not only have enough to take care of your nasal needs, but can come to the rescue of others too.

Remember, what goes in the pocket, must come out. Please don’t forget to take the tissue out of your pocket at the end of the day. A tissue is not welcome when discovered in the laundry at the end of the wash cycle.

Test Fabrics For Wrinkles – Professional Attire

Professionals frequently have days when they have to look as crisp and neat at a dinner meeting as they did at their early morning staff meeting. One key to mastering this skill is to select professional attire made with quality fabrics that wear well.

Before purchasing an item of clothing, give it the wrinkle test. Scrunch the fabric in your hand and hold for a few seconds. After releasing the fabric, observe how the fabric looks. Does it wrinkle? If so, are the wrinkles falling out? If the wrinkles do not fall out, this item may not be a good addition to your professional wardrobe.

Because I like to spend my time doing things other than ironing, I give this test to all my clothing purchases, casual and professional, so I can always look my best with a minimal amount of care for my wardrobe.

Also, consider giving this test to clothing before selecting it to pack in a suitcase for a trip. Making the right clothing selections before you arrive will allow you to look your best in a moment’s notice while on the road.How To Hold Or Carry Gloves

The subject matter of my posts often come from recent experiences in my life. This is how I selected today’s topic, “How To Hold Or Carry Gloves”.

I am performing in a local community theater production and the chorus girls are required to wear gloves. During one of the musical numbers, they must take the gloves off and carry them. Of course, I was quick to share the proper etiquette for carrying gloves with the showgirls and would like to share this etiquette lesson with you as well. Even though we infrequently wear gloves in a social setting anymore, we do wear them in cold weather and the same rules do apply.

When carrying or holding gloves, hold them by the fingers. This keeps the visual image very neat and organized. If you were to hold them at the wrist end, the fingers would be flapping and look sloppy.

Did you know there is a glove flirtation code? For example, if a lady drops one glove, she is saying yes. If she drops both gloves, it means, “I love you”. Don’t jump to any conclusions too quickly. In today’s world, she may have very well dropped the glove because her hands were full.

Perhaps for fun, I’ll share the entire code with you in a future post.Attire – Flip Flops

Flip flops, which are flat rubber thonged sandals, are summer casual beachwear. They are meant to be worn at the beach with swim wear or worn casually with shorts. They are also frequently seen in locker room showers.

Never ever are flip flops to be worn with dressy attire or to a nice restaurant during dinner hours.This evening, while dining in a nicer restaurant, I was admiring the lovely dress of the young lady seated next to me and looked down to notice she was wearing flip flops! As I was leaving the restaurant, I saw another young lady wearing flip flops with a social pant suit. In both cases, what could have been a very flattering, elegant look, was killed by the flip flops. What surprised me even more was the fact they were donning these flip flops when the temperature was still less than 50 degrees. That is not a beach wear demanding temperature by my standards.

A few years ago, I remember reading an article about a college student wearing flip flops with a sun dress when she visited the President at the White House. Her mother was appalled when she saw the photo in the newspaper.

Shoes need to be appropriate to the attire we are wearing. Casual shoes are worn with casual attire. Dress shoes are worn with business, Sunday, or evening attire. Evening sandals, satin shoes, or shoes adorned with beading and sequins are worn with evening, cocktail, and social attire.

Remember to keep the theme and color consistent. Hopefully, you would not wear an evening gown with white sneakers to gym class. Would you?

After Hours and Weekend Business Attire

If you are going in to the office after hours or on the weekend, you should dress in casual business attire such as khakis and a button down or polo shirt. Clothes should be clean and pressed just as they would be during the workday.

Do not wear the clothes you lounge around the house in such as old jeans, tennis shoes, and a sweatshirt. You may feel comfortable in them, but you never know who you might see at the office or who might see you walking in.

A professional image should always be maintained in order to positively represent yourself and the company you work for.

Undergarments Should be an Understatement

In today’s fashion industry, it is sometimes difficult to determine if certain pieces of attire are to be worn under or over other pieces of clothing. Young adults are wearing undergarments over garments and readily show more than just the formerly dreaded visible pantie line from rear end views.

What has happened to our modesty? Whether you call them undergarments, underwear, or foundations, they are defined as clothing worn next to the skin under other clothing. These garments are designed to enhance the look and fit of our clothing and should not be seen.I like to compare it to a theatrical performance. Do you want to see the backstage crew changing the scenery and hanging the lights or do you want to enjoy the magic and beauty of the theater as it effortlessly appears before our eyes?

I know the younger generations don’t believe in always wearing the appropriate undergarment – think Britney Spears and her friends – but following these guidelines can work magic without exercise and dieting.

1. Not only wear a bra, but wear the correct size of bra. There should not be any skin bulging over the sides of the bra and the back strap should not be riding up. Please, give our ladies a fighting chance against gravity. Once they are stretched out, they never recover.

2. If you are wearing a sheer or lightweight fabric, consider a bra with light padding to keep your headlights turned off.

3. Wear a bra close in color to your blouse or top. Beige works well under white clothing. I don’t want to see a black bra with a white blouse or white bra with a black top.

4. Hide the straps. Wear a strapless bra with camisole andstrapless tops. If you’re wearing a top with a racer back cut, choose a racer back bra. Don’t use clear straps. They’re still straps that are showing.

5. No VPL – Visible Pantie Lines. Check your rear view before leaving the house. There are so many products out there promising no pantie lines – find them. Thongs are also an option. Try wearing shape wear or pantyhose under your clothing. If the lines still show, perhaps you’re wearing your clothing too tightly. Most importantly, I don’t want to see your underwear when you bend  forward. I don’t care how cute they are.

6. Got junk in the trunk or tummy bulge? There is new and improved comfortable shape wear out there. Take five pounds off instantly!

7. Wear a slip under dresses and skirts, especially those unlined. It will help the fabric fall nicely, eliminate static cling and avoids giving a light shadow show. Be sure to wear a black slip with dark clothing and a white or beige slip with lightly colored clothing. If there is a slit in the skirt, the slip should also have a slit to be positioned accordingly.

8. Gentlemen should wear undershirts under their shirts. I do not want to see your chest hair or headlights.

9. Guys, whether you wear boxers or briefs, make sure they fit correctly. No VPL and nothing that resembles carrying a load from the rear view. Don’t wear dark underwear with lightly colored clothing. Wear your slacks high enough on your waist so what you’re wearing underneath remains a mystery.

10. Males and females should both be sure nothing is jiggling or swinging when exercising. I prefer not to see the visual, but most importantly protect your health and body parts. There are garments specifically designed for the heavy duty stress of exercising. Please, oh please, do wear them under your exercise attire. You wouldn’t run a marathon in flip flops would you?

Non-verbal Communicaton – Your Stance

People form an opinion about you within the first seven seconds of visual contact with you. It is imperative you are always aware of your body language to give a good first impression.

When standing, consider the following guidelines:

1. Stand with a straight back, shoulders back, and head lifted to convey self-confidence. Do not lean on objects to help prop you up.

2. Hands should rest comfortably at your sides. Avoid placing your hands in your pockets. If you feel the need to do something with your hands, clasp them behind your back. Doing so will help your posture and make you appear approachable. Clasping your hands in front rounds your shoulders decreasing the perception of confidence.

3. Do not cross your arms in front. Non-verbally, you are closing the lines of communication.4. Stand with both feet firmly planted on the floor. Crossing your legs at the ankles makes you appear insecure.

Tucking Your Tie in Your Pants

In the past week, I have seen more ties tucked into pants than I wish to see in a lifetime.Gentlemen, do not tuck your ties into your pants. If the tie is long enough to tuck in, there are some other factors that need to be addressed.

1. Your tie is too long. Shortening a tie is one of the easiest alterations that can be made. If you need to, have it shortened.

2. You are wearing your pants too high. Your waistband shouldrest on your waist, not above your stomach and under your pectoral muscles. I’ve always wondered how one can breath with a belt cinched so tightly around this part of a rib cage?

If you are working with a piece of machinery and fear your tie will get caught, tuck it into your shirt if you must tuck. Please do not forget to “untuck” when the danger at hand subsides.

Lipstick on a Drinking GlassIf you wear lipstick, blot your lips with a tissue before drinking from a glass to avoid leaving your lip markings on the edge of the glass.

Sometimes it is impossible to avoid leaving a lip mark on a glass even if you aren’t wearing lipstick. If you notice a lip mark, try to drink from the same spot each time so you don’t leave your mark around the entire rim of the glass.

Men are not excluded from this rule. Many of you wear a lip balm to protect your lips from sun and wind damage. Please follow the same protocol as the ladies do for their lipstick.

First Impressions

Research indicates people form judgmental opinions of others within the first seven seconds of meeting.

55% is based on visual perception

38% is based on tone of voice

7% is based on the actual words spoken

Prospective customers select people they like to work with.

What type of image are you or your company projecting?

Personal Grooming – Fingernails

Fingernails should be maintained at all times. This includes both ladies and gentlemen. The hand can divulge a great deal of  information about someone’s personality and work habits. Nails should be clean, evenly cut, and cuticles pushed back.

Professional manicures are not within everyone’s budget. If you are able to get regular manicures, be sure the length of your manicure is appropriate for the professional environment you work in.

Do not clip or pick at your nails in public!

Grooming and Style for women

How to Dress-up a Daytime Outfit (Women)


Step 1:

The easiest way to make a big change from day to night is to swap individual garments instead of your entire outfit. Maybe just switch into a more elegant top or change from jeans into a skirt. It will make a big statement by altering the overall look, giving the impression that it’s an entirely new outfit (even if everything else is the same).

Step 2:

If you need to make a change from day to night without altering any of the main garments of your outfit, add new shoes! Flashy high-heels are very sexy and are attention grabbing so they will change the whole make-up of your outfit. And it takes 30 seconds to change your shoes so you can do this on the go!

Step 3:

Jazz up your jewelry. Change from toned-down day/work jewelry to something that makes more of a statement. This doesn’t necessarily mean BIGGER jewelry, just something bold that really stands out like a beautiful necklace, flashy earrings or a bright cocktail ring.

Find pieces of jewelry that accent your daytime outfit but dress it up more as well. Combined with a few other changes (shoes, bag) it will become a whole new look! (This is great if you’re hurrying to dinner, but don’t have time to change.)

Step 4:

Swap your day bag, which most women fit EVERYTHING into, for a smaller clutch at night. The big bag is very functional for the day, but it’s also frumpy and heavy looking. Whether you are headed out for dinner, to a show or for drinks with your friends at night, you won’t need much more than some cash, cards, touch-up makeup and your phone. You will look more elegant with a smaller bag, it will dress up your outfit and believe me, you DON’T need the big bag!

Step 5:

Change your hair or freshen up your makeup. The point is to freshen up your day look for night, quickly and efficiently. After a long, busy day you need to wake up more than just your clothing. Touch-up your makeup and maybe put your hair up (or take it down). That small change will give you more confidence and make you feel more prepared for your evening, even with just small accents brightening your wardrobe.

Step 6:

Regardless of what you are wearing, your personality will stand out the most and will be what you want to be remembered for, rather than your clothing. So be confident. Wear what makes you feel comfortable and fabulous. Use these steps to quickly update your day look and make it more dressy, and then feel good about it. You look great.