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Walking With Power

This series of four workshops titled, “Walking With Power” is designed to lead the participants through a process that, in the words of those who have completed it, is transformative in nature. The process is one that focuses on knowing who we are as a unique expression of the Creator. It asks us to understand, celebrate and embrace the journey that calls us and the learning that we do on the way.

  1. Understanding Our Journey

    The first workshop “Understanding Our Journey” gives us an overview of that process and enables us to get in touch with some of the behaviours that stand in our way of making a strong and healthy connection with Spirit. It does this by creating a safe place for participants to share their lives with each other. From this secure base participants say that they feel freedom to let go of the roles that they play in favour of allowing others to see their authentic selves. 

  2. Grieving Our Losses

    Because the very first step in our spiritual journey, according to every spiritual tradition, is about knowing who we are this is where we begin in the second workshop “Grieving Our Losses”. In this workshop we go deeper into looking at our lives and understanding how our failure to grieve the experiences of the past creates the patterns or roles that we play – roles and patterns that control and determine our lives today. From this position of awareness we are able to take control of our lives in the present and make decisions from a position of power. Virtually all of the participants agree that this approach is more life giving than allowing our undealt with fear, guilt or anger determine our choices. Participants often see this workshop as the most difficult and the most life-changing of the four.

  3. A Question Of Balance

    The third workshop “A Question Of Balance” begins where the second workshop ends – with the understanding that we are creators of our own lives. In it we focus on overcoming our belief in duality as we look at what it means to work in balance in our lives. Questions such as, “What does it mean to balance male and female elements within us, to create balance between the intellectual and the creative, the spiritual and the secular, the creator and the created, the helper and the helped?” We also look at what values and beliefs best enable us to walk in a way that is life-giving for both ourselves and others. In this section of the series we will be looking at these questions by focusing on the teachings of the Kabbalah, the oral mystical tradition of the Jewish people.

  4. All My Relations

    The fourth workshop “All My Relations” deals with the seven levels of relationship that we experience as defined by Jamie Sams in her book, “Dancing the Dream”. These are as follows:

    1. The relationship of self to the Creator. 
    2. The relationship of self to self (body, mind, spirit, thought, feeling, dream and intuition). 
    3. The relationship of self to other selves.
    4. The relationship of self to nature (plants, animals, stones, water, mountains, valleys, deserts, jungles, forests, and plains). 
    5. The relationship of self to the universe. 
    6. Our relationship to the unseen worlds of awareness within ourselves. 
    7. Our relationship to unborn worlds of consciousness within us (our own evolution).

       The workshop will include a time of celebration and reflection on the question of “Where do we go from here?” It will draw heavily on the eleven years of experience and learning of the facilitator within the aboriginal community.

The fundamental understanding that we are all “One in Spirit” is demonstrated in the workshops with a preference for integration of the various spiritual traditions of mankind. It becomes very clear as we progress that the teachings of all spiritual traditions are the same, that all of them come from Spirit and that Spirit communicates to each culture and person in ways that is the most likely to allow for understanding and integration in their lives. It is the view of the facilitator that it is only when we come to this understanding that we can truly respect, honour and celebrate each others path rather than start wars over who is right and who is wrong.

Restaurants and Dining

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Saskatoon : Restaurants

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Saskatoon Hotels Listing

Finding a Hotel in Saskatoon

Not only is Saskatoon, Saskatchewan one of the country’s sunniest cities, it is also one of its most culturally sophisticated with plentiful performing arts, festivals and events. The area’s abundant hotels ensure that travellers from every destination will find a good night’s sleep after a busy day enjoying all the city has to offer. Visitors should note that in addition to the cost of the hotel room they will find a five per cent Provincial Sales Tax, five per cent Goods and Services Tax and a two per cent Destination Marketing Fee on their hotel bill.


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Travellers arriving or departing from the Saskatoon John G. Diefenbaker International Airport can choose from a number of hotels located conveniently nearby. Many of the area’s hotels are found on major thoroughfares, including Circle Drive, Idylwyld Drive (Highway 16) and Airport Drive. The Best Western Harvest Inn is a consistent, full-service property situated only minutes from the airport and features free wireless high-speed Internet, satellite TV, on-site dining, and business and meeting facilities.