Welcome Members!

We can also be found at Facebook as Darlene Fultons-Group!

Welcome to Saskatoon Connections! This is your group and we invite you to enjoy our family, friends and members. You will meet a group of great people you might not have otherwise met!

AND who knows this might be just where you’ll meet that “special someone” or “the one” as I call it!

Welcome to our Social Networking Group: singles, dating, engaged, in a relationship, married couples, complicated situations to meet and enjoy!

We invite you to enjoy with us; dining, dancing, steak nites, b-b-q’s, camping, ball games, bowling, volleyball, pool, sleigh rides,walkathons for causes, getaways and so much more!

For out of town members we will make it as easy on you as possible by pooling efforts to cut your expenses!

Our intent is to keep you informed of current and future calendar of events, record of birthdays for monthly group birthday parties, and all gatherings!

This is an awesome Group with great members! Our members are from Canada, 30-99 years of age and that will almost ensure no scammers! We will do our best to keep this the most exciting and safe Social Group around!

Email address: saskatoonconnections@hotmail.com

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